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The William G Davis Razorbacks Players Not long after Steve Paikin's book about former Ontario Premier Bill Davis came out, Michael Beetham of the Waterloo Region office of ETFO invited me to speak to a small group of members and their families at a local restaurant. It would be an evening presentation so I asked if we might be able to tack on a couple of school presentations during the day and he had no problem generating interest. And wouldn't you know the first up to the plate was William G. Davis Public School - named for the man himself - in Cambridge. My contacts at the school were teachers Kim Stenhouse and Jeff Shapiro. Kim had her own whole set of reasons for wanting to host Voyageur at the school. A couple of years ago, she had written a robust section on Six String Nation for the "Hands On Social Studies" curriculum guide for grade 6 classes in Ontario from Portage & Main Press. Any teachers reading this - you might want to click this link and scroll to about page 149 for some ideas on how to prepare for a visit by Six String Nation to your school. Meanwhile, Jeff had his own reasons for anticipating Voyageur's visit as head of WGD's "School of Rock" program. For the finale of Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69" he had the whole group of about 30 students up but the first two songs were performed by the students in the picture above. Hannah (holding Voyageur) played "Dust in the Wind" accompanied by the two girls flanking her - Kody and Kaydence - on vocals. That was followed by Dakota (pictured right looking a lot like a young Slash, don't you think?) doing a wicked acoustic version of Hendrix' "Purple Haze" with Desiree (pictured left) handling the vocals. Dakota stayed on guitar for the finale. It was a great start to a busy day in the Waterloo region! Thanks to all the staff and students at William G. Davis P.S. Go Razorbacks!

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