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Scott Perry with Voyageur

Scott Perry got in touch by email some time ago. Some time in 2009 or 2010, Scott's dad had shown him a copy of the Six String Nation book and Scott was inspired to begin work writing a song about the guitar at the heart of that story and called it, appropriately enough, Voyageur. At the same time, Scott's dad was encouraging Scott to get his songs on tape, though he remained reluctant to do so. When his father died, a few years ago, Scott felt a bit adrift - so weighing anchor (so to speak) in a houseboat in North Vancouver was just one of the steps he took to begin to give some shape to the forces at play in his life. He started recording and reached out to share with me some lyrics he was considering for this song about the guitar his dad had introduced him to and which remained in a prominent place in his musical mind. I offered just one suggestion (not to try to fudge the word "oar" in place of "paddle" for the sake of a rhyme) and that was about it until he sent me a copy of his finished CD, "Follow Up" a few months ago.

It only seemed appropriate that Scott should have a chance to play the song that he wrote for this guitar on the guitar itself so this current trip to BC presented a perfect opportunity. Shortly after landing in Vancouver, I made my way to the marina where Scott is both literally and figuratively moored (after a brief misdirection to Coquitlam!). In the presence of the Six String Nation book his father left him - along with his dad's guitar and the guitar with which he recorded his album - Scott ran through "Voyageur" a few times while Shawn Major shot some video (keep your eyes peeled for that on YouTube via

It was great to meet Scott and it got me thinking about my own dad and how he never got to see the Six String Nation project come to fruition but I know he would have had a lot of advice and ideas to offer. Thanks for the chance to reflect, Scott. And thanks for the honour of the music.

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