ImaginED in Surrey 2

Peter Hongsen Nie plays Voyageur at Fraser Heights

After a quick lunch with Gillian Judson following our morning at Erma Stephenson, it was kitty-corner to Fraser Heights Secondary School. Fraser Heights is no stranger to musical notables: K-pop star G.NA graduated in 2004 or 2005 so she wasn't an option to perform with Voyageur. Current student Ashley Pater would have been perfect but she had a show in Arizona while I was visiting her school!

Instead, we were fortunate to have had a first in the Six String Nation performance repertoire: a song sung in Mandarin by student Peter Hongsen Nie (pictured, above). Given Voyageur's Chinese-Canadian link with the piece from Victoria's Fan Tan Alley as left-shoulder kerfing in the guitar, it's about time we heard a song in Mandarin!

Special thanks to sound-guy Justin, the very engaged students in attendance at the assembly, Principal and Vice Principal Hardip Rakkar and Angele Thibault and Aboriginal Teacher Advocate Brenda Sampson.

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